Youth and Family


         Vacation Bible School will be                             August 6th-August 10th 

Faith, Grace and Chippewa Churches will work together this year with a team from Association Free Lutheran Bible School and Seminary. Location of Bible School will be Grace with transportation available from Faith.

We are in need of the following help:

·         host families for part of team (does not have to be for entire stay)

·         help with preparing suppers for team (4 or 5 young adults)

·         craft helpers for Bible School

·         snack suppliers

Please let us know if you would be willing to help in any of the above ways!! Let one of us know!!


God Squad & Sunday School…have been talking about our parents. Here are some of the reasons we are thankful for our parents!

·         They make us food (Makena-7)

·         They buy us clothes (Faith-6)

·         They teach us things (Colten 9)

·         Give us a good home (Rachel 9)

·         Give us shelter (Ava 10)

·         Give us shelter (Grayson 3)

·         Being there when I need them (Gabe 10)

·         Doing scrap with my Dad (Lane 3)

·         Taking out the garbage and recycling (Tyler 6)

·         House (Lilibelle 5)

·         Making sure we are healthy (Mia 9)

·         Food (Jorja 5)

·         Going on trips and wrestling tournaments (Jon 9)

·         Cooking, going for rides, driving (Taylor 10)

·         Helping us with homework (Rachel 9)

·         Giving us a good education (Mia 9)

  July 16th-21st — The High School YouthWorks!            Mission trip will be going to Osage Nation          Osage Nation is a Native American Indian Reservation in Northeastern Oklahoma. Those attending are:  Logan, Kerryn, Elizabeth, Brandon, Andrew, Nick, Alex, Michaela, and Kaleb. Please pray for safe travels and that they will be a blessing to the people they will be serving.