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2015 Faith Women Happenings


    Pastor Dennis led a Bible study called Tempo Guisto  (tem-po  juice-toe) which is an Italian musical term meaning “right speed.” Many things in life have a right speed: yeast rises, wine ferments, seeds germinate and sprout. We, too, should have a right speed. We belong to God and we are beloved.

Joyce B. gave devotions reading “Thanksgiving Prayer.”

Co-President Geri B. called the meeting to order at 1:55 pm with 12 members present.

Minutes were approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report:  Beginning balance of $7,165.83 with expenses of $542.45 and deposits of $3,826.72 for an ending balance of $10,540.10. The Treasurer’s report was approved as read.

Old Business:

Bazaar – discussion of results of bazaar.  Attendance was down, money raised was lower. Suggestions included changing the season or activities. Kay moved and Karen seconded to do something different at next year’s bazaar. A committee will meet Nov 30th at 9am to discuss possibilities. Gwen has been asking younger women to help her and is getting a better response.

New Business:

December Events

Advent Breakfast – Leila P.

Christmas Tea – catered lunch, Saint Lucia and cookies, Prayer Partner gift exchange, carol singing

Cookie Day – discussion of difficulty in delivering cookies and crowded December calendar of events. Sandy moved and Joyce seconded to cancel cookie day events. MC

Christmas Visits – Joyce moved and Karen seconded to have a tree of names in the narthex.  MC People can choose a name or names to visit during the month. Sandy A. will take care of names 

February Meeting  (Feb 12, 2016) - Joyce and Sandy will serve

Sandy moved and Phyllis seconded to adjourn the meeting. MC

Co-President Geri adjourned the meeting at 2:32 pm

Karen H., Secretary


Bible Study – Sarah led the Bible Study based on the Gather magazine. The focus was “The Widow’s Mite.” The discussion centered around the interpretation of her act. Was Jesus praising her for giving all she had or was he shaming the religious hierarchy for allowing her to be destitute. There’s no way to know for sure but this scripture (Luke 21:1-4) follows closely the story of Jesus routing the moneylenders in the Temple.  Food for thought.

Devotions were led by Barb H, who then called the meeting to order at 2:10 with 12 members present. Karen read the minutes as printed in the newsletter. Cheryl reported that the check from the cluster meeting was received and was for $477.  Gross receipts from the July 3rd bake sale and lunch were $1653. Expenses are being calculated.  The two funerals served varied from the basic menus. 

Old Business:

No one has requested to attend Luther Crest camp, but there are 5 day campers from Faith.

Planning for Fall Bazaar bake sale and lunch: To determine the number of workers needed we will review the last fall event and determine if changes should be made. Workers are free to move around if there are few buyers at the bake sale table and more help is needed elsewhere.  The Help Request letter will be revised for next fall to include asking for $5 extra donation to cover cost of food.

Meals that are catered will not have a basket for donations.

New Business:

Everyone agreed that Gwen has done a wonderful job of catering many events for us. She and her family have gone above and beyond. Karen moved and Cheryl seconded that we give Gwen a gift card. Motion carried.

Program leaders are needed for some of our events: some of the events are planned and just need a leader--(Father/Son, Advent Breakfast). The Christmas luncheon and Mother/Daughter need the program planned and a leader. Volunteers are needed.

VBS –Vicki C explained the joint VBS to be held at Grace Lutheran (Brandon) and will include kids from 4 churches. August 9th through the 13th. A team from a Wisconsin college will come and lead the VBS. Volunteers are needed to provide food and bars. Faith’s evening to provide bars and cookies is Monday August 10th. Faith women will provide bars and cookies. Vicki will lead cooking the dinner.  Volunteers are needed to help her and to serve food.  80 kids from 4 area churches are expected to participate. This process has been in place in past years and works very well.

Dessert was served by Barb H and Marilyn B.

Next meeting August 13th

The meeting was adjourned at 2:50 pm.

Karen H, Secretary



Faith Women meeting for June was called to order at 1:45 pm by President Barb H. Sixteen women were in attendance.  Bible study with Pastor Dennis will begin in August. Devotions were led by Marilyn Bah.

Secretary’s Report:  Karen H. read the report of the Mother Daughter Luncheon as there was no meeting in May. Phyllis C. wrote the report as Karen was away. 

Treasurer’s Report: Cheryl N. gave the Treasurers Report. This report covers the expenses of the Cluster Meeting but does not reflect the monies to be returned to Faith Women. Cheryl will check with Debbie to see if the funds have been received but not passed on to Faith Women.

Old Business:

·        Marion S. reported the quilting group gave 39 quilts given to Douglas County Public Health, 38 quilts sent to Lutheran World Relief, 2 quilts given to graduating seniors,  and some on hand in storage. Total 111 quilts

·        Funeral Committee – Sandy A. reported the success of this group of volunteers. Help has been readily available and the new process is moving smoothly.

·        Cluster Meeting – Sandy reported that Faith is to receive the remaining funds after the Cluster claims their expenses. The check has not been received by Faith Women

New Business:

·        July 3rd activities:  Bake sale price list was revised to increase sweet rolls by $1.  Workers need to be at Faith by 7 am to set up bake sale and help in the kitchen. Work will be divided in 2 shifts: 7 to 10:30 am and 10:30 to 1:30 pm (includes clean up). Each service group will provide 3 volunteers recruited by the group leaders. Food service will begin at 9 am so the BBQ will be prepared the night before. Prices are increased as follows: BBQ $3, Hot Dog $2.50, bottles of water will be $1.

·        July 5th Community Service: Covenant Church will present the service at Faith. We will check with them to see if they need anything from us.

·        Mother Daughter Luncheon:  Diane A. moved that the men be asked to serve the food at next year’s luncheon. The food will continue to be catered by Gwen G. Motion was seconded and carried.

·        Karen H. will revise the bake sale letter and price list so it can be printed. Barb, Kay, Diane and Gloria volunteered to help put out the mailing on Thursday June 18th at 9:30 am.

·        Evansville Care Campus Communion Service:  Pastor Dennis needs help with this—serving and also gathering members from their rooms. Group 1 will be Barb H. and Marilyn B, Group 2 will be Geri B. and a volunteer, Group 3 will be Kay E. and Marion S.

·        Gloria K. moved that Faith Women resume holding a meeting in July. The motion was seconded and carried. The meeting will be on July 9th. Devotions will be led by Joyce B., Lunch will be provided by Marilyn B. and Barb H. 


The meeting was adjourned at 3:00pm by the president at 3:00 pm.



The Mother and Daughter Luncheon was held on Saturday, May 9th at Noon at Faith Lutheran Church.

Co-Chair, Barb H. welcomed everyone and read a poem “A Mother’s Love”.

Vicki C. gave devotions from a book that she had given her Mother several years ago titled “Something Only a Mother Can Do”.

A delicious Lunch was served by Gwen G. with the help of her daughter and some ladies from Service Group 2.

Joyce B. thanked the ladies for serving lunch and then introduced our guest speaker, Patsy Baglien.  Patsy is a songwriter, guitarist, song leader, preacher, chaplain, a pastor’s wife, a mother and grandmother.

Patsy gave a wonderful program.  She sang “Joy in the Morning” and read some verses from Psalm 30 where it tells us to sing praise to the Lord and that joy comes in the morning.   She sang several familiar old songs and asked us to sing along.  Some of the songs that we sang were “ I want a girl just like the Girl that married dear old Dad”,  “You are my Sunshine”,  “Home on the Range” and “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”.  She shared some of the songs she has written with us and read some verses from Isaiah 46.  We closed with “The Saints Go Marching In”.

Barb thanked the ladies who served lunch and thanked everyone for coming.  She gave a closing prayer.

Phyllis C., acting secretary In the absence of Karen H..




    The March meeting of Faith Women was held at 1:30 pm on Thursday, March 12, 2015.  There were 12 members present and two guests, Karen E., Cluster 10 Coordinator from Calvary Lutheran Church in Alexandria, and Ruth A., Cluster 10 Reporter from First Lutheran Church in Alexandria. A meeting was held at 12:30 to finalize plans for the Cluster 10 meeting

     Devotions were read by Pastor Preston referring to the Book of Job and Romans 8:28. The topic dealt with suffering and endurance. We read the words from Hymn #703, “O God Why Are You Silent”.

     The meeting was called to order by Sandy A.. The minutes of the February meeting were read by Joyce B. and approved as read.

     Treasurer Cheryl N. reported a balance as of February 28, 2015, at $4,440.16. An easel and writing pad was purchased for the Sunday School. A motion was made and seconded to approve the treasurer's report. Motion carried.

     No Old Business.

     New Business:

     The Cluster 10 meeting will be held at Faith Lutheran on April 25, 2015. The theme is “Growing From Living Waters.”

     As the host church we are responsible for registration, publicity, and handout materials. The women from Grace Church in Brandon will serve donuts and coffee. Registration is $10.00 and includes lunch. There will be a meeting, election of officers, a speaker and music. Approximately 75 people are expected.

     Sandy A. has contacted the funeral home regarding the lunch guidelines.

     Discussion was held about setting up a Day Camp Scholarship. A motion was made, seconded and carried to ask Vicky C. to draw up guidelines for the applicants to become effective in 2016.

     Motion made, seconded and carried to pay one full Day Camp fee this year.

     The meeting was adjourned at 2:20 pm.

     Dessert and coffee was served by Pat N. and Sandy A.

     Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, April 9, 2015 at 1:30.

     Lunch was served by Marian S. and Diane A.

by Joyce B. for Karen H., Sec.


The Father & Son Banquet was held on Sunday March 22, 2015

Welcome and Devotions were given by Joyce B. Pastor Dennis gave the blessing.

Wonderful dinner prepared by Gwen G. and served by Amanda, Marilyn, Marion, Cheryl and Sandy, was enjoyed by all. 

Karen H. introduced Harlan Englund and Ron Jacobson, members of the Minnesota Dark House Association, who presented a program on fish decoys. They told of learning the craft from their fathers and spear fishing as boys. They participated on Saturday in the decoy show at the Douglas County Fairgrounds.

Examples of the stages of producing a hand carved decoy were on display along with many beautiful decoys. The classes are primitive--put together with scraps usually of metal, folk art--simple patterns often painted in bright colors, and competition pieces--life-like examples of various fish that are very beautiful and highly collectible. Besides the carving and painting there is an art to shaping and weighting the fish so that it circles in the water to attract fish.

If you missed this presentation, there will be a month-long exhibit at the Evansville Art Center this fall.

The quilt drawing was won by John P.