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2014 Faith Women Happenings

Faith Women met on August 14, 2014 with 20 women attending

Pastor Zach gave the Bible Study “Lydia” from the Gather Magazine. Lydia gathered with other women by the river. Paul came to preach and her heart was opened to Christ and she was baptized as a result. She invited Paul and his group to her house for a meal. Pastor drew a parallel between meeting by the river and baptism. He also outlined how our worship service is centered on the baptismal font: we gather, we ask for forgiveness and our baptism is renewed, we hear scripture, we hear the Word explained in the sermon, and then have a Baptism or Holy Communion according to the schedule.

Elise gave a program on her experiences as a teacher and how God is working in her life to lead her with challenges and experiences. She illustrated her journey with several songs. One very important point that Elise made-- she is a product of Luther Crest camping. Faith Women’s support has had a long lasting effect on her life.

Business Meeting

Barbara called the meeting to order at 2:55

Treasurer’s Report listed receipts of $2105.50 and expenses of $650 for the July 4th Bake Sale and July 5th Community Dinner. Estimated attendance of 70 at the dinner ($7 each) means that we lost money on the dinner.

Secretary’s Report was included in the newsletter.

Old Business

Karen reported that the Dark House Association, who currently have the exhibit at the Art Center, has agreed to present a display of fish decoys and a panel discussion for next year’s Father and Son Banquet.

New Business

--Habitat for Humanity is seeking volunteers to provide work-site lunch. We are unable to find volunteers to assist.

--Confusion about the starting time for the bake sale was problematic because many items sold out early. Publicity will be coordinated next year.

--Rotation of Group responsibility tends to leave the same group in charge of the larger events. It was decided to leave assignment of the schedule up to the board.

--Motion by Diane, seconded by Gloria, to discontinue the Community Dinner event. Motion Carried.

--Continued need for support—more volunteers are needed to support our work if we are continue supporting programs such as Luther Crest, mission bundles, quilts, and other outreach activities.

Nominating Committee –The terms have expired for Co-President, Mission/Action Co-Chair, and Mission/Growth Chair. Marion S. volunteered to continue for a new term. It was decided to nominate from the floor for elections rather than form a Nominating Committee.

Correspondence --Thank you notes were received from the Douglas County Services for the donated quilts and from the family of Dorothy K. for efforts at the funeral luncheon.

Devotions were given by Karen who read The Prayer of St Francis.

Dessert was served by Kay E. and Eme Q. Karen H. and Cheryl N. will serve at the next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30

Karen H., Secretary

Important Upcoming Events…

Women of the ELCA NW MN Synod

Cluster 10 Fall Gathering

Saturday, September 27, 2014
First Lutheran Church Kensington
8:30a.m. Registration & Coffee
9:00a.m. Meeting
10:30a.m. Program featuring Rachael McCleary
“Embracing Hope Ethiopia”
11:30a.m. Lunch

Cost is $8.00, includes moring coffee, lunch & reg. materials

Sign up sheet will be on the Narthex table.

Poster hanging up on Women’s bulletin board with more information


Faith Women met on October 10, 2013 at 1:30 p.m.

Pastor Zach previewed our Bible Study from the Gather Magazine based on Judges. We learned about Deborah and the Canaanite Women.

Barb H. opened the meeting with Devotions by reading a poem from the Sr. Perspective Paper “A Quilter’s Hands”.

The Secretary and Treasurer’s reports were read and placed on file.

Old Business:

Barb thanked Kathlyn and Diane for being on the Nominating Committee and trying to get ladies who would be willing to serve as officers.

New Business:

Barb stated that if we wanted to continue having Faith Women we would need some volunteers to take the Secretary’s and Treasurer’s positions. After some discussion Karen H. said she would take the Secretary position and Cheryl N. said if someone would take her position as co-chair she would take the Treasurer position. Barb asked Geri B. if she would be a co-chair and she agreed to take that position.
The officers for the coming year will be:
Co-Chairman - Barb H. and Geri B.;
Secretary - Karen H.;
Treasurer - Cheryl N;
Mission…Action – Marilyn S. & Marion S.;
Mission…Community – Sandy A.;
Mission…Growth – Joyce B. & Gunny J.

On the day of the Bazaar Faith Women cannot buy Baked Goods & other items before 10:00 a.m.

Six members will be attending the Cluster meeting on October 12th at First Lutheran Church in Alexandria.

Cookie Day will be December 16th. A motion was made, seconded and passed that we give our members who are in the Evansville Care Facilities Poinsettias instead of cookies. Cookies will still be given to other members as in previous years.

The Advent Breakfast is December 2nd at 9:00 a.m. and the program will be given by Rachael Thronson Barduson.

The Officers will make up the new 2014 Program Book after the Breakfast.

The Christmas Potluck Luncheon is Saturday, December 7th at noon with a program given by the Craig Knudson family.

The Thank Offering is at our November meeting, Diane A. will give Devotions and Joyce B. will give a short program on Jesus and the napkin. Pat N. and Joyce B. will serve lunch.

A Thank you from the Sarah T. family was read.

Joyce gave a short program on Hands. We do many things with our hands, one of the most important is praying.

We said the Lord’s Prayer.

Lunch was served by Cheryl N. and Gunny J.

The Bazaar was held on October 19th from l0:00 – 1:00 and was well attended.
Thank you to everyone who donated food, other items, money or attended the Bazaar.

Respectfully Submitted,
Phyllis C. Secretary