Faith Women


March 8, 2018   1:30 PM

The meeting was called to order at 1:30 pm.

     Elaine S. led our Bible Study. “Remember God’s love is beyond understanding.” References:  Jeremiah, Isaiah, Zephaniah and Psalms.

     Joyce B. read the February Secretary’s Report. Geri B. moved to accept the report. Motion carried.

     Candi S. presented the Treasurer’s Report.  “Warm your Heart, Warm your Soul Family Fun Day - Potato Bar and Soup fund raiser, approximately $3,000. Final figure to be reported soon. Elaine moved to accept the report. Motion carried.

CORRESPONDENCE:  Greetings received from Barb H. and Elaine E., Dollars for Scholars


     A reminder to those who take leftover coffee home.  Take the older/taller pots. As of April 1, 2018, check coffee pots out with Debbie A.  DO NOT PUT THE POTS IN YOUR HOME DISHWASHER.  Thank you.

     Faith Women sponsor a scholarship for high school seniors. This is our preferred school fund gift. Pat N. moved we not participate in the Dollars for Scholars request, but to continue to contribute to our Faith Women Scholarship. Motion carried.

     Easter Sunday morning brunch will be held at Faith at 9 AM. Gwen G. agreed to head this event.

     Eme Q. moved we assist with the Bake Sale event to be held for the Dean D. Benefit on March 31, 2018. It was agreed to give Dean a quilt.

     Refreshments were served by Eme Q.    Candi S. will serve at the April 12 meeting.

     With no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Joyce B., acting Secretary

See bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall for the latest Secretary’s and Treasurer’s Reports.

You are welcome to join us every second Thursday of the month at 1:30. Come as you are.


Quilting Days

Will be Mondays at 9:00a.m.

Starting, January 22nd!

Please bring any supplies that you may have.  See you soon!  J



In attendance were: Candi, Joyce, Gwen, Eme, Sandy, Diane, Marilyn, Gloria, Marlys, Vicki, Geri and Karen. Joyce led the meeting in devotions.

Elaine R. from Eagles Healing Nest told us about the mission to homeless veterans that is carried out in Sauk Center. She shared her personal experiences of receiving 98 days of peace and safety without suffering domestic abuse. There is a reluctance among homeless veterans to ask for help—it puts them in anti-warrior mode causing resistance. They are provided with safe, supportive treatment, food, shelter, resources, peace, sharing, and help with court issues and working through the VA. While donations of money are always welcome they appreciate, and need, things from toilet paper to white T-shirts. Buildings are being renovated to house more people—one in being set up for veterans with service dogs. Kitchen items: towels, dishes, cookware all are needed. Elaine is 1 of 2 women residents.

Gwen called the meeting to order at 1:50 pm. Karen read the minutes of the last meeting. Motion to accept was made, seconded and carried. Candi gave the Treasurers Report. She also reported that the Gather Magazine subscriptions were cancelled.  Motion to accept was made, seconded and carried.

Correspondence:  A thank you note was received from Eagles Healing Nest for our donation. It reads “Thank you so much for your wonderful support to help with our mission. God Bless. Eagles Healing Nest.”

Old Business:

Joyce gave a report on the Cluster 10 meeting at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church in Clarissa. Fellowship, music, devotions, offerings were followed by installation of officers. The speaker’s theme was hospitality to strangers, reach out, get over any reluctance to engage, hospitality to strangers is a recurring them in Jesus’ ministry. Next Cluster meeting will be at Ashby Peace church.

8 remaining quilts were delivered to W. Central MN Community Action in Elbow Lake—very welcome.

Sunshine outreach: Kristi sends card to those in hospital named out in church, shut ins.

New Business:

Vicki C. will purchase fleece, and Tuesday Bible Study will cut and tie, a fleece blanket for Riley Z. The Men’s Sausage dinner has been moved to December 3rd. The Advent Breakfast will be December 4th at 9 am. Egg bake, muffins, juice and coffee.. Suggestion to clean and reorganize kitchen storage is tabled to the January meeting. Donation request from Post Prom tabled until the February meeting. Request to upgrade high chairs was reviewed. .  Motion to price and replace 1 highchair was made, seconded and carried. Christmas Luncheon will include Norwegian baking workshops with lunch served at noon. Lunch at the January meeting will be served by Candi and Sandy. The Christmas Cookie list will be compiled in spreadsheet format by Karen. Gwen will provide containers. Cookie Day will be December 17th. In place of cookies Christmas cards will be provided at the Care Center. Motion to accept was made, seconded and carried.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:30 pm. Lunch was served by Joyce and Eme.

Karen H., Secretary


The Faith Women met meeting began with Bible Study on The Apostle’s Creed from Gather Magazine led by Joyce B. Sandy A. led Devotions.

The meeting was called to order at 1:55 by President Barb with 12 women in attendance—Barb, Geri, Joyce, Sandy, Candi, Marion, Gwen, Eme, Diane, Gloria, Marilyn and Karen  Karen H. read the minutes of the previous meeting. Candi S. gave the Treasurers Report. r

Old Business—July 4, 2018 preparations include free-will snacks and lunch at the bake sale. The Community Club asked for a community dinner after services at Faith. Because of the unique timing with the 4th being on Wednesday, it was moved not to provide a meal after services by Gwen, second by Sandy. Motion Carried. The usual fellowship coffee and treats will be served before the service. Barb will report back to the Community Club.

New Business—Election of Officers: the following were elected by unanimous ballot--Gwen G., Co-President; Karen H., secretary; Sandy A., Joyce B., and Eme Q.—board members. Candy and Barb continue in the second year of their term.

Annual donations: A motion to retain $1354.24 in the checking account (distribute $1500) was made by Sandy, seconded by Joyce, motion carried. Determination of recipients—Lutheran Disaster Response $500; Women of the ELCA—World Hunger $250; Reach Out for Warmth WCCA $250; Faith/Grace Mission Trip $250; Eagles Healing Nest ( homeless veteran services in Sauk Center) $250.

Renewals for Gather Magazine—Bible study not helpful to Care Center members; price increase to $20; motion to cancel Gather Magazine by Diane, second by Geri, Motion Carried. Options for better suited bible studies will be presented at the next meeting.

Next meeting will be our Thanksgiving Meeting. Karen will contact Eagles Healing Nest for possible speaker.  Joyce will do devotions. Joyce and Eme will serve lunch.

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn by Sandy, second by Eme. Motion carried. President Barb adjourned the meeting at 2:55.

Karen H., Secretary


President Barb called the meeting to order at 1:30pm with 9 members present.  Pastor Dennis has an appointment and will join us for bible study as soon as possible afterwards. Devotions are also postponed and we began with the business meeting

Minutes taken in June by Joyce B. were read by Karen. They were approved with one spelling correction.

Correspondence – Thank you note from Katie B. for funding her trip to Bible camp in Colorado.

Old Business: July board meeting had no quorum. It was discussed that more information be provided to the congregation about where our funds are distributed from the various fundraisers.

July 4th Report—Quickly ran out of baked goods resulting in complaints from people who stopped by later in the morning. Barb made a motion to begin the bake sale at 9 am and offer coffee and a snack as well as the lunch items. Diane seconded and the motion carried. Many people like to have coffee and visit with others and have asked for bars, donuts and/or cookies. Free will offering will continue. Next year the community church service will be at Faith.

Coffee Urn—the coffee urn has not been working the past few weeks. It was picked up by Central Lakes for repair. Gwen will stop by to see if replacement would be preferable to repair and what the cost would be. Karen moved that Gwen be empowered to make the decision after consulting with Central Lakes regarding the urn. 50 cup coffee makers from senior center and the art center are available to use in the meantime.

Elections are coming up in October. Several terms are expiring. Everyone is encouraged to consider becoming involved or suggesting someone who would be helpful to furthering our missions.

New Business:  Discussion of Gather magazine bible study to present at the Care Campus. Sometimes the material is not useful for the people attending. Those leading the discussions are free to pick and choose some sections or to present other material that would be more useful.

Funeral for Don E. will be at Faith on Saturday. 2 teams of workers have been recruited.

Congregation members are encouraged to make suggestions about organizations that could receive donations from Faith Women. These decisions will be made at the October meeting. Our Thanksgiving Meeting is in November and it is planned to ask a speaker from one of the recipients to share the reasons for their need.

ELCA Women will be meeting in Detroit Lakes on August 15th at Fairhill Resort. Faith Women will pay the $50 registration for anyone who wishes to go.

Marilyn S. and Karen served scones and jam with coffee. Marilyn B. led devotions based on Luther’s emphasis on Grace.  Luther preached that there is no merit than can earn salvation. Hard work and striving are to be admired but only by seeking God’s mercy can we be saved through grace by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Dennis let the discussion of “All anew” Issues of respect and submission to authority were discussed. Matthew 12: 1-14 is where Jesus confronted the Pharisees over application of “The Law” in all situations. He stated that God’s authority exceeded that of the Law. This was the exchange that set them to conspiring to destroy him. Pastor explained that at the time, the Jews believed that the Messiah would come if only every Jew would obey the Law perfectly. So any violation of the Law was preventing what was so desperately hoped for.

Karen H., Secretary 

JUNE 2017


Thursday, June 8, 20171:30 pm

               Members present: Barb H, Candi S, Sandy A, Diane A, Marion S, Marilyn S, Marilyn B, Eme Q,Gloria K, and Joyce B

               GATHER STUDY-Pastor Preston- “All New” chapter. Open your heart and mind to hear God speaking to you through the words and stories in the Bible”  Reference-Revelations 2-3.

              CALL TO ORDER-co-chairman-Barb


               MINUTES approved as read by Joyce

               TREASURER'S REPORT-approved as submitted by Candi

               GATHER Magazine

                              Please tell Candi if you take a copy.


                              A request for funds to send Katie B. to a Colorado Bible Camp

                              Sandy moved to pay the balance. second by Diane, Motion carried.

               OLD BUSINESS:

               The bake sale will be held on Saturday, July 2, 8-1pm. Bring your items to the church on Friday evening or by 7:30 Saturday morning. Marilyn S. is chairman.

               A bar-b-que and hot dog lunch will be served on June 2 during the bake sale. The lunch is a FREE WILL OFFERING. Barb and Sandy are co-chairwomen. Faith members are welcome to assist where needed.

               NEW BUSINESS:

               Members will meet on June 14 at 9:30 am to prepare the revised bake sale letter for mailing.

               Faith Women do not meet in July

               The officers will meet on July 13th at 9:30

               A thank you was extended by Barb to Gwen G, Carol J and Katie S for the wonderful Mother Daughter luncheon food, decorations and music.          

               Sandy moved to adjourn the meeting, Marilyn B-second. Motion carried.

               Refreshments were served by Eme and Barb.        

Marilyn B will give devotions at the August 10th meeting Marilyn S and Karen H. will serve lunch

Recorded by Joyce B

for Karen H, Secretary


The Garden of Weedin’ Mother Daughter Luncheon was a bountiful success. The scene was set with beautiful flowers, a photo op garden bench setting, flower centerpieces and colorful table settings. Just walking into the room brought a sense of fun. Background music was provided by Joyce B. at the piano. The Welcome was given by Elaine S. followed by the table prayer led by Katie S.  Lunch of sandwiches, salad, fruit and dessert was catered by Gwen G. and her “Garden of Eatin’” crew.

Elaine introduced the program “Life Began in a Garden”. Sandy A., Karen H., Kylie, Madison, and Olivia, Debbie A., and Sharon D. presented vignettes about flowers and gardens. Katie sang two songs: Clean and In The Garden. The program was summarized by A Rose Within shared by Sandy, Karen, Deb and Sharon.

Several games were played: Have You Ever? (prize to Marlys E.); Give Yourself a Point! (prize to Pat O.); What’s on the Tray? (prizes to Rachel B. and Lorraine K.).

In closing, Elaine read Life Began in a Garden.

Karen H., Secretary

APRIL 2017


Faith Women Happenings for April 13, 2017

Geri B. called the meeting to order at 1:30 pm with 11 members present.

Pastor Preston led the Bible study from the Gathering Magazine on Galatians 5: 1-12. Paul is building on the theme of Christian freedom. There was a divisive issue of whether non-Jews had to be circumcised. God welcomes us by faith. Spiritual freedom is a conscience free and joyful. Faith, Hope and Love is the key. False apostles are those who demand following the Law; Apostles are self-defined messengers of God.; Disciples were those chosen by Christ who were with him.

The minutes were read by Karen H. They were taken by Joyce B. who graciously substituted for Karen while she was gone. The minutes were approved as read.

In the absence of the treasurer, there were no financial reports.

Correspondence was received from Someplace Safe and Dollars for scholars. These requests are tabled until the May board meeting. NW Synodical Women’s Organization Conference announcement for April 22nd in Wheaton and Lutheran Social Services of MN meeting for April 24th in Fergus Falls. Information posted on bulletin board.

Unfinished Business: Mother & Daughter Luncheon date is changed to May 13th. Program and menu to be determined by Gwen G. Electrical upgrade is completed. Still some issues with were to plug in roasters will so be fixed. Gwen reported that some expenses (paid ads) have not been billed so there is no final number for the Soup Sampler. Approximate revenues around $3,000. Proceeds from the Lutefisk and Meatball Dinner are also pending. Receipts of approximately $2500 but expenses are not all accounted for. Will continue annually so long as Mary J. is physically able to cook. Will plan for more dinners served next year.

New Business: Debbie asked for help writing Easter notes to accompany bulletins sent to persons unable to attend worship with us.  Mother and Daughter luncheon program ideas include “Garden of Weedn” and a Shoe Fashion show. Gwen will ask for help as needed.

Business meeting adjourned at 2:50.

Diane A. led devotions based on John 19 verse 30. “When Jesus received the vinegar, he said “It is finished”; and he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.  Joyce B. and Debbie A. served lunch.

Karen H., Secretary.


MARCH 2017


March 9, 2017

There were 10 members present.

    Co-Chair Geri B. called the meeting to order at 1:30 pm.  Marlys E. gave the devotions reading from Galatians 3:24-29. “We are all Sons of God through faith.”

    Pastor Preston continued with Galatians from the Gather magazine. “It is important to embrace diversity in our church, community and family.”

    Joyce B. read the minutes of the February 9, 2017, meeting with one correction-the church council members will plan a community dinner.

    Candi S. presented the treasurers' report. Report approved as read.  Copies of the report are available. The final receipts from the Fun Day Soup Sampler were not available as this time. It was agreed the Soup Sampler event was a success.

    Sandy A. and Marian S. reported on the Prayer Shawl Ministry. One shawl was presented to a church member. Cheryl N. and Gloria K. agreed to knit/crochet more shawls. If you are interested in helping contact one of the ladies.

    Candi is working on a folder to be mailed when prayers are needed. Gloria will provide a list of people who need cards.  Suggested this project become a regular agenda item.

    We will be hosting the Pastors Conference on May 4th. Approximately 12 in attendance. A light lunch is served. Sandy and Gwen G. are in charge.

    The Mother Daughter dinner is on May 6th. Watch for posters and see notice in newsletter.

    Persons interested in attending the Spring WELCA Conference in Ashby are to contact Joyce.

    Correspondence from the Douglas County Social Services for the quilts.

    Someplace Safe sent notice of a fund raiser on April 22. Christy Brackett is the contact person if we are interested in “hosting” a table.

    Gwen gave an update on the Lutefisk and Meatball dinner to be held on March 18 from 4-7.

    Gwen also received an estimate for cleaning the large drapes in the Fellowship Hall. The charge is $1.94 a pleat. Approximate cost $168 to clean and press the drapes. Assistance would be needed to hang the drapes. Diane moved to have the drapes cleaned. Pat N. seconded. Motion carried.

    Refreshments were served by Candi and Gwen.

    Devotions for April 13-Diane A.  Refreshments for April-Debbie A. and Joyce B.

   The meeting was adjourned and the Lord’s Prayer was recited.

By Joyce B. for Karen H., Secretary

FEBRUARY 9, 2017

Faith Women Happenings

There were 13 members present at the February 9, 2017, meeting of Faith Women.

Pastor Preston led the Gather study on Galatians. The theme was, “We are all children of God through faith.”

·          Sandy A. called  the meeting to order at 1:30.

·          Joyce B. read an excerpt from the “Our Daily Bread” pamphlet for devotions titled “Leaning on Jesus”.

·          The minutes of the January meeting were approved as read. Motion made by Diane A., second by Cheryl N.

·          Candi S. gave the treasurers' report. A copy of this report is available.


1) Marian S. gave a thank you to the people who are assisting with the quilting on                     Monday mornings. She stated they have completed 18 quilts and have 8 left over from     last year. It was agreed to donate 10 quilts to Public Health. Sandy added there is a             need for more school bags to be completed.

2) Gloria K. will continue with the prayer shawl knitting. Sandy and Marian will inventory the shawls on hand.

3) Gwen G. announced the Soup Sampler and Silent Auction event will be held on February 19th The Father and Son dinner will be held on March 12th. A movie “The Rookie” will be shown and a hot beef sandwich supper served.

 4) A lutefisk and meatball meal, with the assistance of Mary J., will be held on March               18th at 4 PM

We were reminded to sign up to volunteer our time at these events. Sign-up sheets are available in the narthex or contact any FW member.               

Changes were discussed regarding the Prayer Chain calling. Candi will set up a group E-   mail for those who want to be notified that way. She will also list those who would prefer a phone call.               


1) Faith Lutheran will be hosting the pastor's conference in May.

2) Carol J. is assisting with planning a community dinner with Grace Lutheran.


·          received from: West Central Area Community Action and Jingle bells,

·          “Andy Bear” project care of Anderson Funeral Home offers memory bears to those who have lost a loved one and would like a bear made from a garment or other cloth item belonging to the deceased.

Pat N. moved to adjourn the meeting, second by Diane A., Motion carried.               

Lunch was served by Geri B. and Sandy A.

Lunch server for March 9th Candi S.

March Devotions-Marlys E.   

Faith Women are women of faith. All are welcome. Meetings are the second Thursday of the month at 1:30. Come as you are.

By Joyce B, for Karen H.

January 12, 2017

Faith Women meeting

Pastor Preston led the meeting with a study of The Gathering lesson on Galatians 1:1-2:21.  “Faith Alone in Christ Alone” Paul’s warning to not trust in ‘laws’ for salvation.

Geri B. called the meeting to order.  Sandy A. read the devotion from Christ in our Home for this date.  The minutes were approved as printed in the newsletter.  Treasurer’s report was approved as read.

Committee Reports: Gwen G. reported that the soup sampler day is set for February 19.  The committee is asking the faith women to run the bake sale and provide workers in the kitchen and fellowship hall. Sandy A. noted that we will have a regular meeting in Feb. when we should get a letter out asking for bake goods. Annette O. has set Father Son night for March 12.  Again we will need workers.  It will be a movie night and hot beef sandwiches- free will offering. 

The January Annual meeting (free will) will be scalloped potatoes etc. but Gwen will need workers.  Sandy A. said she would try to arrange those workers. Candi reminded all that the reorganization has call coordinators to call for workers- Deb E. has volunteered but we need one more.  These people should be contacted if workers are needed.  We also have Marilyn S. and Diane H. volunteer to organize workers etc. for Independence Day Bake Sale and lunch. Candi also asked if we would have a quilt for the Father Son night.  Marion S. said we would.  Gwen mentioned that the electrical update of the kitchen will be about $800 to be designated from free will offerings.

Old Business: no other old business.

New Business: Deb A. asked for volunteers to help put together the annual report tomorrow at 10 AM.

Correspondence: Geri read several thank yous.

Gloria K. moved and Marlys E. seconded the meeting to adjourned.  Motion passed.

Next meeting: February 9, 1:30 all women welcome. Sandy will serve. 

Joyce B. will have devotions.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandy A., acting secretary

Faith Women Meeting – October 13, 2016



Meeting was called to order at 1 pm. Members present:  Barb H., Candi S., Deb A., Joyce B., Marilyn S., Gwen G., Pat N., Eme Q., Geri B., Gloria K., Diane A., Cheryl N., Sandy A., Marlys E., Marion S., Deb E., Karen H.. Table prayer was recited.

We began with pizza, salad and treats served by Barb and Marion.


Pastor Dennis led a Bible study discussion on the fairness of the workers in the field who worked all day and the late comer workers -- all received the same pay.  One lesson to be learned is “only check your neighbors bowl to see if it is full.” Enviousness, perceived privilege.  Acknowledge the graciousness of others but also appreciate your own talents and use them for others. Ephesians 2:8-10-- By grace you are saved through belief.


 Deb A. led Devotions from Jesus Calling. Sometimes God gives us more than “we” can handle because He wants us to seek and rely on Him.


Minutes were distributed to all. Moved by Sandy, seconded by Marilyn to accept the minutes. Motion Carried

·         Correspondence – Karen H. reported that a thank you had been received from West Central MN Community Action Inc for the 8 quilts that were donated to them.


·         Plans for potato sausage dinner are moving ahead. October 30th at 11:30 am.

·         Report on bathroom renovations – more involved than it appeared. Repainting would be $625, no bid from Kim A. yet.  Need to gather information. Motion to table to next meeting by Karen, second by Sandy, Motion Carried

·         Christmas Tea Plans – December 10th.  (Santa Days will be in the morning)  Theme is the Christmas Jar. A skit is planned The Moore sisters will provide music. Planning for 75 to attend.  Gwen moved to provide $50 for each musician, seconded by Diane, Motion Carried. Joyce will do devotions, St Lucia will distribute cookies and Prayer Partners will exchange gifts.

·         Carpet Update – Half of the money for the Fellowship Hall has been raised.  Sanctuary carpet has unresolved issues. Pews are badly scratched, cushions need to be recovered. Option for chairs has been suggested. 

·         Cluster 8 meeting October 8th report was given by Joyce. She brought back much information. Clusters are consolidated. 87 people from 33 churches attended. Next cluster meeting is April 22, 2017 in Wheaton. Quilts for LWR to be taken to Osakis October 26th.

·         Ratify cleaning of classrooms. Funds for cleaning classrooms were not previously discussed. Motion by Karen to ratify paying for cleaning of classrooms, seconded by Sandy, Motion Carried. Two suggestions to all up to $140 without coming to board and to verify with Brad A. what cleaning work he would like to have done.



·         Use of Thrivent Funds – these are available. Some are provided for Christmas Tea

·         Vote on group rate for Gather Magazine --- Gather Magazine can be purchased for $13 for a minimum of 12 copies. Currently, copies are made to share at our meeting and at ECC. This is not in accordance with copyright law. Karen moved and Candi seconded a motion to order 12 at the group rate. Members who do not receive the magazine now can reimburse Faith Women and pick up their copy(s) at church. Retain the purchase of 2 large print issues. 

·         Election of Officers:

o   Co-President – Barb H. was re-elected at President.

o   Treasurer – Candi S. was elected Treasurer

o   Mission – Community – Gwen and Sandy

o   Mission – Action – Marion and Nancy S.

o   Mission – Growth –  Joyce B. bulletin Board & sub for lessons                                 Annette Ohren will be helping plan events, Gwen will represent her at meetings. 

·         Merging of Mission Positions: Action, Community, Growth into 1 mission of Growth with 2 members.  It was decided that consolidation put too much work on too few people. Positions filled as above.

·         Revision of Prayer Chain – Members will be contacted and a new list developed

·         Revision of Blue Book – Due to time this will be tabled until the November meeting


·         Expenses and Commitments -- $2400 identified

o   Undesignated Reserve                                   $2000

o   Advent Breakfast                                                  50

o   Christmas Tea                                                     200

o   Gather Magazine Group Rate                           156

o   Potential  expenses of– SS room blinds $1100,  update bathrooms,  dish washer repair


·         A list of 17 requests and previous donations was developed.  A total of $4500 was designated for charitable giving. The list was reviewed and the following selected:

o    Phebe Hospital Solar Energy Project           $500

o   Luther Crest – Prepare the Way                     500

o   Faith/Grace Senior Mission Trip                     200

o   LWR – Haiti Hurricane Matthew                 500

o   James/Carol Sack Missionaries                      500

o   W Central Community Action                         500

o   Someplace Safe                                                500

o   Jingle Bells                                                        500

o   Food Shelf                                                        500   

o   Fund for personal need                                   300


·         Cookie Day – Motion by Sandy, second by Gloria to bring cookies to church, store in freezer, pack plates and Sunday School or God Squad will deliver them (Gwen and Deb will arrange this).


November 10th.  Devotions by Marlys.  Karen and Candi will serve.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 4:00 pm   


Minutes of the Faith Women Meeting August 11, 2016

The Board Meeting was called to order at 1:10 pm

Members present: Barb, Geri, Candi, Karen, Marilyn, Marion, Joyce, Gloria, Eme, Marlys, and Diane

Karen H. read the minutes of the June meeting (there was no general meeting in July)

Candi S. gave the treasurer’s report: Beginning balance as of June was $8355.42. Credits of $1053 and disbursement of $1830.87 left a balance of $7477.55. In July credits of $2135.05 and disbursements of $997.82 left a balance of $8714.78 through July 31, 2016.

Old Business:

 July 4th Events Included in the above totals are the results of the 4th of July Lunch and Bake Sale. Lunch $726.05 less $319.19 = $406.86 profit. Bake Sale $1384 less $235.58 = $1148.42. Total profit $1555.28. It was suggested to offer donuts & coffee from 8 to 10 am on a free will basis. (2 to 3 dozen should do it.) It more bread items were needed for the sale.

Payments to WELCA. Previous donations reviewed. Checking the purpose and use of funds. Cluster has been realigned and we are no longer cluster 10. Karen moved, Diane seconded and motion carried to donate $750 to WELCA for 2016. There will be further discussions at a future meeting.  For the cluster meeting Barb moved and Marion seconded to donate $25 to the upcoming cluster meeting. Karen offered an amendment to include payment of expenses for our representative. Amended motion carried.

New Business:

Charitable donations—End of Year.  Motion by Eme, Second by Karen, motion carried to determine donations and revise the “blue book” after the October meeting. This will relieve some of the work at the Advent Breakfast. If there are mid-year requests for funding they will be considered when received and not held until the October meeting. Future considerations for new carpeting and possible help wireless sound system (Kay Erickson Memorial) for Fellowship Hall will figure in the determination of donations.

Elections—All officers’ terms are up except Karen and Geri. No nominating committee will be selected. Nominations from the floor will be taken instead. Terms are up for Co-president Barb, Treasurer, Mission…Action (quilters) Marion & Marilyn, Mission…Community (funerals, etc) Sandy; Mission… Outreach-Programs Joyce.

Recruiting ideas were discussed—It was agreed that calling people is non-productive. Some suggestions:

·         Snippets in Bulletin asking for volunteers

·         Continue to use personal calling

·         Serve as greeters as a group

·         Announcement on Sunday

·         Define the cause that needs help

·         Ask for commitment that has a beginning and an end.

·         Publicize the uses for money raised and activities supported.

·         Involve the Sunday School

·         Need more people to come to meetings

Prayer Chain—we have lost members of the prayer chain. It needs to be reorganized.

Gather Magazine—Faith Women lead Bible study at ECC and would appreciate donations of magazines.

Servers for the September 8th meeting are Marion and Barb.

The meeting was adjourned. Table prayer was given and Diane and Gloria served treats.

Karen Howell, Secretary


The Faith Women meeting for June began with an opening prayer and Bible study led by Joyce B. The study explored Forgiveness, Love and Reconciliation. We are charged to forgive as we have been forgiven, love as we have been loved and seek reconciliation when there is conflict. First John 4:7-21 and Second Corinthians 5:17-21 help us deal with conflict in loving ways.

President Barb H. called the meeting to order at 1:55 pm. Marilyn B. led devotions. Minutes were read by Secretary Karen H.. Gwen G. asked that credit for catering the Mother/Daughter Tea Luncheon include Annette O.. The minutes will be amended.

Treasurer’s Report was presented by Candi S. Beginning balance in April was $8402.23. Credits of $899.25 and Disbursements of $640.41 left a balance of $9301.48. This was the beginning balance for May. There were no credits and disbursements of $640.41 leaving an ending balance of $8355.42. There was a question about Summer Camp scholarships. People interested in summer camp should contact Deb. The family can request full or partial help. Usually 50% of the cost is covered by Faith Women.

Old Business: Joyce B. reported on the Cluster 10 meeting in April. A name change is in process to become Conference 8 with a variation in member churches. Joyce encouraged people to attend the meetings.

New Business: July 4th Activities—Saturday July 2nd will be the Bake Sale and Lunch. Pat N. and Deb E. will plan and call workers (2 shifts, 5 per shift). Sandy A. will make the barbeque and check supplies on hand. It was decided to eliminate the hot dogs. Because of lack of customers last year, the lunch will be discontinued if this year is not a success. There was a discussion of cost and what should be included. A motion to change to Free Will Offering was made by Gwen G., seconded by Geri B.. the motion carried. Gwen volunteered to handle the publicity for this event. Funeral service groups. Group 1 has lost members and needs additional help. Diane A. agreed to move from group 2 to group 1 to help out. At the last funeral several volunteers helped in the kitchen including people from other churches. Correspondence: The thank you from the family of Kay E. was read. Servers: Diane A. and Gloria K. volunteered to serve at the August meeting. There will be no general meeting in July but the Executive Committee will meet on July 14th at 10 am to consider business.  Adjournment: President Barb adjourned the meeting at 2:35 pm.  

Karen H.  served apple pastry and coffee.

Karen H.



Faith Lutheran Women met on April 14, 2016 at 1:30 pm

Pastor Dennis was delayed so we began with the business meeting.

President Geri called the meeting to order at 1:40pm. There were 14 members present.

Secretary Karen read the minutes of the March meeting. The minutes were approved with one correction: the balance on hand in the treasury is $8,521.54 not $18,521.54.

Treasurer Candi reported credits of $767.00 and disbursements of $886.31 leaving $8402.23 on hand. The report was approved as read. (1) She also reported that the signature card at the bank was signed establishing Eme Q. as the second signature. (2) No money from 2015 was forwarded to WELCA. Past practice was to forward 1/3 and the percentage defined by WELCA is 50%. Moved by Karen and seconded by Geri, the motion carried that Candi will pursue this issue—how much money does the ELCA retain and what are the uses for it. (3) Candi reported that inquiries are being made to obtain a credit card designated to Faith Lutheran Women be obtained. First Security requires that cards be named to specific individuals. We need a card that can be used by anyone. Especially useful for purchases that cannot be made at Nelson’s.

Old Business:  Richard N. won the quilt at the Father Son Banquet.

The folding dividers in the kitchen will be very expensive to replace, so there will be an attempt to restring the existing slats so that they will work again.

Donations to the kitchen included several serrated knives by Joyce and an electric knife by Karen. These should help with slicing buns during food prep.

New Business: The Mother Daughter banquet is scheduled for Saturday May 7th at noon. It will be a tea theme and the program will be about hats. It is a free will offering event. Attendance last year was 54. There will be an attendance signup sheet in the narthex to help estimate food needs.

The WELCA Cluster meeting will be Saturday April 16th in Osakis. It begins at 8:30 and registration is $10. This is an opportunity to ask questions about finances at WELCA. Joyce will attend.

President Geri adjourned the meeting on a motion from Diane and Candi at 2:10pm.

Pastor Dennis joined us for Bible study based on Philippians. These passages give us an antidote for worry—be thankful and “lean into” our relationship with God. Paul maintained a close relationship to the church at Philippi and to God. He tells us we should strive to communicate with one another with gentleness, fairness, moderation, steadfastness and patience with each other and with God. Patience is especially important as we are answered in God’s time not our own. Barnabas guided Paul to Jerusalem from his encounter with Jesus and spoke up for his conversion.

Devotions were led by Karen who spoke of the experience of being a mother or daughter or grandmother as an earthly expression of the love of Jesus. This is our closest approximation to help us understand His love for us.

Dessert was served by Eme and Pat Nitz.

Karen H., secretary


FOR February

Faith Lutheran Women met Thursday, February 11, 2016 at 1:30 PM

There were 16 members present. 

Pastor Dennis led the Bible discussion from the “Gather” magazine. 1 Philippians 1:27 tells us we need others to encourage us to live in the faith. This can be accomplished by standing side-by-side with other Christians. 

The meeting was called to order by Co-chairperson Geri B. In the absence of Secretary Karen H., Sandy A. read the minutes of the January, 2016 meeting as printed in the January church newsletter. There was one correction-Faith Women met in December, 2015.

Treasurer Cheryl N. reported a balance on hand of $4,998.17. 

The Father and Son Banquet will be held on Sunday, April 3, 2016. Karen H. has arranged for a program of music.

The “Warm Your Heart, Warm Your Soul Family Fun Day” will be held (in lieu of our annual fall bazaar) on Sunday, February 28, after the worship service. A volunteer sign-up poster is available for members to select a work area or other duty for this event. Gwen Gillespie reported the Silent Auction prizes were coming in and there will be a free will offering basket for the meal. 

Members gathered after this meeting to fold, tape, and label notices about the Fun Day to all members of the congregation. Carol J. is in charge of the advertising.

Gwen G. will serve at the March 10th Faith Women meeting.  You are welcome!


Cheryl N. resigned as treasurer. Pat N. nominated Candace S., Marilyn S. seconded, Pat cast a unanimous ballot. Motion carried.  We thanked Cheryl for her service.

“Are You Winterized?” was the devotional read by Cheryl. Two items one could have in their spiritual survival kit are: reading the Word and worshipping as a community.

Diane A. moved to adjourn. Marilyn S. seconded. Motion carried.

Sandy A. and Marilyn S. served refreshments. 

Submitted by Joyce B. for Karen H.



      Faith Lutheran Women met on January 14, 2016 at 1:30 p.m.

     Devotions were given by Joyce B..  She read an interesting poem about geese.  When a goose flaps its wings it creates an up-wind for the rest to follow.   When the lead goose gets tired it will drop back and let another lead.  They share their leadership just as we do.

     Pastor Dennis opened the Bible Study by singing “Alleluia”.   We read the opening prayer from the Gather Magazine in unison.  He led the Bible Study from the Gather Magazine based on Philippians.  We also read Acts 16:6-10.  Pastor quoted Mathew 22:37-39 “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.  Love your neighbor as you love yourself”.  He closed with a prayer.

     In the absence of our Co-Chairwomen Sandy A. called the meeting to order.

     She read a Thank You from Luther Crest for the donation we gave them.

     There was no Secretary’s report for December as we did not have a business meeting.  The minutes from the board meeting were printed in the newsletter so were not read.

     Cheryl N. gave the Treasurer’s report.   The December balance was $10,242.43 and expenses were $4,274.28 leaving a balance of $5,968.15.

     Old Business: Eliminating the Bazaar and doing something else.  Gwen G.picked a committee to help her come up with ideas.  The members are:  Karen L., Carol J., Missy E., Britta R., Annette O. and Deb P.  Gwen reported on some ideas that they came up with.  One was to have a Soup Sampler after a church service, a free will offering, silent auction, cake walk & a bake sale. The 2nd was a Potluck or Brown Bag Lunch after a church service and play Bingo after lunch.  The 3rd idea in place of our Christmas Luncheon we would have a Scandinavian Christmas including a Scandinavian Lunch.  We would have lefse, krumkake, rommegrot  & etc.  We will have the opportunity to learn how to make these foods.

     After some discussion a motion was made by Marilyn S., seconded by Diane A. and passed that we have the Soup Sampler on February 28th after the church service.  This will take the place of the Bazaar.  There will be 4 kinds of soup, egg salad sandwiches and pie for lunch.  A silent auction, cake walk & bake sale.  There will be a sign-up sheet in the narthex and everyone can sign –up for wherever they would like to work.  Sandy and Gwen will get a letter sent to all of the members of our congregation.

     A motion was made by Kay E., seconded by Debbie A. and passed to have the Scandinavian Christmas instead of the Christmas Luncheon.  Details on that will be worked out later.

     Other old business:   New Carpeting.  Gwen and Kim A. have gotten estimates and a sample of carpeting from Hilltop Lumber.  The church council gave their okay on doing the new carpeting in the hallway at the cost of $4000.00 which Faith Lutheran Women will pay for.  We will have fund raisers to cover the cost of the remaining carpeting so it will take some time before all the carpeting is replaced.

    New Business:   After some discussion on having the church cleaned a motion was made by Gwen, seconded by Gloria K. and passed to have Sherry H. and her helper clean for 1 day which would be on January 22nd.  There will be 2 workers at $20.00 per hour per person.

     A comment had been made that 1 of our vacuums didn’t work.  We have 3 and will check with Brad A. to see what the problem is.

     Debbie asked if some of the women could stay after lunch and help her put the Annual Report Booklet together.

     Quilting will begin on Monday, January 18th at 9:00 a.m. until noon.  If anyone would like to come and help, please do so.  Your help would be appreciated.

     The meeting was adjourned.

     We sang the table prayer.

     Lunch was served by Marilyn S.  

Phyllis C., Acting Secretary

in the absence of  Secretary, Karen H.