Faith Women

                                                                                                December 19, 2019

Dear members of Faith,

Faith mission statement: Growing together in Christ to minister, to love, and to serve.

Beginning January 2020, there will be a change regarding the responsibility of serving and caring for our church and church community.

Most activities, fellowship events and service opportunities will no longer fall under the responsibility of Faith Women, but under Faith Service Ministry. The goal of the change is to share the work that keeps our congregation moving forward.

Six service groups made up of members and their families, were identified. Those lists are in the Faith Service Ministry booklet attached to the December newsletter. For 2020, each service group is assigned two co-leaders. The co-leaders will contact group members, asking for their help serving during their assigned month. Groups are responsible to serve Sunday morning coffee, potlucks and any other events that fall within that month.

Our prayer is that you will be willing to help when asked. Please review your booklet when it arrives with the January newsletter to determine which months you have been assigned. Each group is assigned to two months.

Faith Service Ministries is evolving, if you have suggestions or comments, or we have inadvertently missed assigning you to a group, please contact one of the coordinators listed below:

Barb & Bob H.                     Gwen & Darrell G. 

Karen H.                              Candace & John S. 

Karen & Jeff L.                    Sandy & Doug A. 

Gary & Eme Q. 

Blessings to you and yours,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


2020 Program Booklet

Faith Ministry Bible Study

Men & Women are invited to come for a 3rd Thursday of the month Bible Study 
at 1:00p.m., location TBA 

Volunteers are encouraged & needed to assist Pastor serving Communion at the Evansville Care Center On the 1st Thursday of the month at 10:30a.m.

Please fill out the report sheet after events: recording workers, food, #in attendance, etc. & place it in the BLUE 3-ring Binder found in the 2nd kitchen drawer in front of the serving counter. For your convenience empty event forms are inside the binder cover for your use.

January 5th - Sunday Parish Potluck

January 16th - 1:00pm Bible Study

January 19th - Annual Meeting Potluck 

February 20th - 1:00pm Bible Study

March 1st - Sunday Parish Potluck—or Fundraiser??

March 19th - 1:00pm Bible Study

April 12 - Easter Sunday 

April 16th - 1:00pm Bible Study

May 3rd - Sunday Parish Potluck


May 21st - 1:00pm Bible Study

June 14th - Grill & Chill Picnic - after Worship

 June 18th - 1:00pm Bible Study

                             Friday, July 3rd  – Bake Sale & Lunch at Faith                            

July 5th - NO Parish Potluck

 July 16th - 1:00pm Bible Study

 August 20th - 1:00pm Bible Study

 September 6th - Sunday Parish Potluck

 September 9th-12th:  “Faith on a Mission Indoor Yard Sale”

 September 17th - 1:00pm Bible Study

 October 8th - Distribution of Funds meeting 1:30pm

 October 15th - 1:00pm Bible Study

 November 1st  - Sunday Parish Potluck

 November 19th—1:00pm Bible Study

 December 1st - ADVENT BREAKFAST Tuesday

  Coordinators meet & set calendar for 2021

 December 12th - CHRISTMAS TEA - noon

 December 13th - Sunday School Christmas Program Potluck

 December 20th Cookie Day

 NO December Bible Study



A Cup of Christmas Tea was the theme for this year’s Faith Women Christmas event.

Sandy A. began with a devotion based on the hymn “Mary Did You Know”. Reciting the lyrics created a new understanding of the meaning of the words. And we reflected on what Mary faced.    Then Sandy led us in singing the table prayer.

Following a wonderful green salad with blueberries and candied nuts, luncheon was typical Scandinavian fare served at Christmas: Potato sausage, Swedish meatballs, roasted red potatoes, and rice pudding. Lefse was on the table, of course.  Rosettes, krumkake, and other treats were passed by St Lucia (in the person of Olivia Anderson.)

The program was an updated version of A Cup of Christmas Tea created by Jim and Rita L. years ago. Rita read A Cup of Christmas Tea while photos illustrating the story were projected on a screen.  Ann, Kelanie, and Lydia helped in the presentation. Then, donning aprons, the Lefsa song was performed ending in “Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, lefsa! Ann and Rita led us in “Joy to the World.”

Next year’s prayer partners were drawn while this year’s prayer partners received their gifts. Surprises and thank you’s abounded

Beautiful table decorations, great food, lively entertainment. And best of all, in my car as I left there was NO Temperature! Or at least the thermometer said “0”.

Karen H.                                                                                                                        Secretary


President Gwen called the meeting to order at 2:10 pm. Others present include Candi, Eme, Geri, Dianne, Karen Larson, and Karen Howell.

Pastor Sarah led us in a discussion of Creativity. Child-like creativity should be unregulated: Painting, drawing, writing, reading, handiwork. All have the power to refocus our concentration and open us to an inflow of Spirit. An uneasy brain can be soothed by artistic expression. This means taking the risk of change. Leading worship with creativity can bring us to a deeper understand as we participate rather than being “preached at.” Embracing personal creativity will feed our spirit and bring us closer to God.

Minutes of the 10-10-19 meeting were read. Date of November 24th was corrected to October 24th. Motion to accept the corrected minutes was moved, seconded, and passed.

Old Business included Election of Officers. This issue was tabled to the first meeting in 2020. Motion was made, seconded and passed. Progress on Pews. The usher’s room has a chart of the pews, Olde English Polish and cloths. Please come by and select a section to work on. Be sure to mark the chart to show the pews you have polished. Progress on the Kitchen is nearly finished. One more workday to clean and replace paper in the upper cabinets should do it. Soup & Sandwich Luncheon on November 15th. Food prep is organized. Need helpers for Sunday.

Under New Business the requests for funding were considered. $2000 raised by the Indoor Yard Sale was dedicated to mission outreach: James & Carol Sack, B/E Post Prom, Eagles Healing Nest, Someplace Safe, ELCA Disaster Response and Love Inc. received funding. Nine quilts will be provided to the West Central Minnesota Communities Action.

In view of the current financial status of Faith Lutheran Church, $5000 was donated to the operating fund. $2700 was held in reserve for unanticipated requests such as school families in need, school lunch, or other emergencies.

The Advent Breakfast will be December 2nd at 9 am. Free will donation for egg bake, muffins, orange juice and coffee.

The Christmas Tea will be December 7th. Scandinavian menu will be presented. Free will donations.        St Lucia will bring Scandinavian pastries on her tray. Prayer partners will exchange gifts and select new partners.

Cookie Day will be December 22nd. Please bring cookies before church and stay to help fill boxes. Cards will also be written.

The next meeting date is to be determined. There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.

Karen H., Secretary

FAITH WOMEN - no September 2019 meeting

Faith On a Mission Indoor Yard Sale

Congratulations to all who helped by donating, baking, setting up, tearing down, hauling in, hauling out, and of course shopping. Faith on a Mission was a great success. Because of your efforts, in October Faith Women will decide how $1826.91 will be dispersed to missions in our area, the state and internationally.  In addition, many items will be donated to Some Place Safe, the Epilepsy Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Multiple Sclerosis, and the library. We did good!!


  The meeting was called to order at 1:30 by President Gwen G. In addition, those present were: Marilyn B, Sandy A, Geri B, Joyce B and Karen H.

  We began with Pastor Sarah leading a discussion of Conscious Parenting. Why do interruptions interfere with our devotions to God? Consider that interruptions are God’s way of seeking to be close to you from the perspective of your life.

  MINUTES – Karen read the minutes of the June 13 meeting.

  TREASURER REPORT – In Candi’s absence, Gwen presented the Treasurer’s reports. June beginning balance was $6519.52 with credits of $524.86 and disbursements of $600.66 leaving a balance of $6443.72. The Bake sale donations were $1024.44, and the lunch was $312.25 netting $1336.69 Beginning balance in July of $6420.97, credits of $1717.15, disbursements of $407.95 with an ending balance of $7730.17. Motion to adopt both reports by Sandy, second by Karen, Motion carried.

  July 5th Bake Sale and Lunch. The bake sale and lunch netted $1336.69. 110 people were served.

Coffee Time Volunteers. Still need more volunteers. We will make an announcement at the end of the Sunday service

  Grill & Chill Old-Time picnic on June 23rd after church at Faith. The food was wonderful and there was a good turnout. The free will donations totaled $281.00.

  Kitchen Reorganization: Plans will be drawn for the new location of kitchen items August 19th at 10 am has been chosen to move the items.  Likewise, there will be plan drawn of the pews that still need to be cleaned with Old English polish. A box with supplies will be in the usher’s room and anyone can select one or more pews to clean. Mark them off on the chart. Be sure to wipe the wood thoroughly to remove extra polish. Please do this on Monday or Tuesday so that the polish has time to soak in.

  Indoor Garage Sale will be September 12-14. Please bring items to the church now. Items must be clean. We will need bars donated to serve with coffee.

  Potluck schedule—1st Sunday potlucks will always be at Faith. Wednesday events will be at Grace.

  Officer elections and distribution of donations are scheduled for the next meeting October 10th.

  There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:15 p.m.

       Karen H. Secretary


CALL TO ORDER – present = Barb H, Gwen Gi, Marilyn B, Eme Q, Sandy A, Geri B, Joyce B, and Karen H.

Bible Study /devotions were a discussion of “A Feminine Incarnation” shared by Pastor Sarah. There are many women in the Bible who play significant roles in the ministry of Jesus. From Mary, his mother, to the woman at the well, to the women who were first to see the risen Lord, to the woman sent by Paul to one of the churches he mentored. Deep feminism is the actions of women in the shadows of Christianity. Supporting the work of the church.

MINUTES – Karen H   Motion to approve—Sandy, Second - Geri, Motion carried.

TREASURER REPORT – Candi S   Motion to adopt—Karen, second—Sandy, Motion carried.


Mother’s Day Luncheon – Food was wonderful. Fashion show was a treat—especially with Sandy and Vicki C doubling up. Christopher Banks saw a lot of business after the show. Several outfits were purchased by models before the show.

Report on Bosma Fundraiser—Wonderful display of community action and caring. Plans were impressive and well executed. No final results yet. Kudos to the team that worked so hard on this event.

Campership Form – There was request for help from Faith Women for funding for a summer camp. It was decided that we should have a form that would be used for any request for support by Faith Women. Karen has developed the form. It will be available in the office.

­July 5th Bake Sale– planning complete. Same process as last year. 9 a.m. opening for bake sale. Coffee and donuts by Joann O will be available. Pulled Pork sandwiches available at 11 a.m.

Coffee Time

    - Written Procedure is posted in kitchen & included in the blue


    - Sign Ups – are on table in Narthex


Grill & Chill – June 23rd after church at Faith. Karen will bring potato salad and Barb H will bring beans. This will be First Communion Sunday for communicants.

Kitchen Reorg

     - Refreshing pews with Old English polish should come first. A plan will be posted in the usher’s room and box with rags and polish will be available. Anyone can come at any time a pick a couple of pews to wipe down.

     - Kitchen reorganization will be similar. A plan will be drawn with the new location of kitchen items. Anyone can come in choose a task from the plan and complete it.

Board meeting on July 11th at 9:30 a.m.

Servers Next Regular Meeting – August 8 Sandy and Joyce will serve

There being no further business, meeting is adjourned at 3:15 p.m.

Faith Women Happenings for May

Mothers were celebrated at the May 11th luncheon “Reflections of a Lovely Lady.” Organized by Annette Ohren and Gwen Gillespie and their army of helpers; the luncheon was beautiful with peach tablecloths and fresh tulips at each place. Joyce Bock played piano while everyone chatted before we started the activities.

Sandy Alvstad was our emcee for devotions and table prayer then on to lunch. Gwen coordinated a Kabob lunch followed by “icebox” desserts. Lots of good food nicely served.

The program was fashion modeled by Faith women: Kim Erickson, Joni Barsness, Sharon Denardo, Alisa Henrichs, Rita Loftness, Vicki Carlson, Naomi Anderson, Amanda Anderson, Deb Erickson, Sarah Berglund and Madison Anderson. The models visited Maurice’s and Christopher Banks clothing stores in the Viking Plaza Mall. They were each able to choose 2 outfits to wear in the show. A little bird told me “some” of the outfits were purchased there and then.

The ladies did an outstanding job of showing how comfortable and good-looking the fashions were. But there is always that dreaded issue: two women with the same outfit! Vicki Carlson and Sandy Alvstad had the same outfits.  So Vicki pulled Sandy in to model as a twosome. It was the highlight of the show.

Thanks to everyone who dreamed, planned, coordinated, decorated, prepped, cooked, served and made the day so special.  Happy Mother’s Day to all.

Respectfully Submitted, 

Karen Howell, Secretary

The Faith Women Board Members met on Thursday, May 9th.  The Minutes are posted on the Hallway bulletin board.

Coming up…

June 13th Meeting 1:30 p.m. General meeting

·        Discuss July bake sale and other weekend events

·        Select a workday to reorganize kitchen storage and label.

·        June 23rd Grill n Chill: Potluck. Will be like an olde tyme church picnic. 


President Gwen G. called the meeting to order at 3:15 p.m. Candy S., Eme Q., and Karen H. were also in attendance.

   Gwen read the correspondence. There were several requests for funds and thank you notes. We considered the request from Lisa B. to fund her two daughters at Lutheran Horse Camp. Upon receipt of further information, we agreed to fund half of the cost for both girls. A form will be created to collect the necessary information. Motion by Candi, second by Eme. Motion Carried

   Report on Pastor Sarah is very good news. A get well card has been sent.

Coffee Time needs volunteers. It was suggested a write up of duties would be helpful. Candy will make announcements at the church services beginning the Sunday after Easter. Faith Women will take ownership of this schedule until the end of the year. Donations will be directed to the Butterfly Box. Motion by Eme, second by Candi. Motion Carried.

   Cleaning and organizing in kitchen will continue. A cleaning crew will be assembled. Special attention in all areas to spider webs. There are a lot in the stained glass windows.

   The posters for the Mother/Daughter luncheon available next week.

    Upcoming events to watch for:

Grill & Chill summer picnic on June 23rd

July 4th plans pending

Indoor Garage Sale coming in September

   There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:35 pm.

May Gather Bible Study   

Wednesday, 10:00a.m. May 15th at the Evansville Senior Living    


Communion at the Evansville Care Center Service Group #1 assists Pr. Sarah on

Wednesday, May 2nd 10:30a.m.      


Four members met on Thursday, March 14, 2019, at 1:30.

Due to lack of a quorum the meeting was a review of past and future business.

Candace S gave the Treasurer's Report. It was agreed to donate $100 to the B/E Post Prom committee.

Joyce B will attend the 2019 Conference 8 Spring Gathering at United Lutheran in Elbow Lake on April 11th.  If interested in attending please contact one of the Faith Women board members. The theme is “God's gift of Grace”.  Guest Speaker will be Natalie Hanson, a Christian inspirational speaker.

Future events to MARK ON YOUR CALENDER include:

1) Salad and Sandwich Luncheon, bake sale, cake walk and Silent Auction on April 7, at 11:30.

2) Mother & Daughter Lunch “Reflections of a Lovely Lady” style show on Saturday, May 11

3)Grill & Chill summer picnic on June 23rd.

           Plans for July 4th are pending

4) Indoor Garage Sale in September.


Cake Ala mode and coffee was served by Sandy and Eme.  Next meeting: Thursday, April 11, 2019, in Fellowship Hall.

All women of faith are invited to attend.                               Come as you are.

“ We are called to act with justice. We are called to love tenderly, We are called to serve one another, to walk humbly with God.” Music and lyrics by David Haas

Faith Women Happenings for December 2018

Our Christmas Luncheon “Sounds of the Season” began with a welcome by Candi S. After some announcements she led us in Devotions. Christmas preparations can be the source of a lot of emotion and stress. Just concentrate on the greatest gift of all—His Son.

After the table prayer, we feasted on Rock Cornish game hen and barbeque brisket. Elaine K provided Christmas music during the meal.

The program was presented by the Evansville Christmas Eve Carolers. They interspersed Christmas carol sing-a-longs with reminisces of their years of caroling as a group. Beginning as Girl Scouts and continuing for several years, they brought Christmas cheer, friendship and hope to Evansville folks. No matter the weather they made the rounds. From year to year they observed changes in Evansville—some houses empty, some who had moved away.

Now widely scattered, they gathered together for this special event, coming from as far away as Hawaii. You must really love the Carolers to trade Hawaii for Minnesota—even for a few days.

The program closed with Candi S reading “Caroling in the Snow” by Beverly Mortenson Athey.

St Lucia (Kellany & Lydia) brought cookies to go with the festive peppermint ice cream for dessert.

2019 Prayer Partners were selected. Prayer Partner gifts were distributed from beneath the tree.

It was a wonderful time of food, fellowship, remembering, and counting our blessings.

Cookie Day Planning – 40 dozen cookies are needed to provide some Christmas cheer for those we don’t see very often. A sign-up sheet in the Narthex is available to help us plan. Please bring cookies to fellowship hall by 9 am Sunday December 23rd. Cookies will be assembled. Help with delivery will be greatly appreciated. As you leave pick up cookies for friends or neighbors.

Karen H                  Secretary