Welcome to our Family of "Faith."

Our Mission Statement:

"Growing together in Christ to minister, to love, and to serve."

Sunday Morning Worship Schedule:

     10:30 a.m.  -  1st & 4th Sundays of the month are Communion Services

                        -  2nd Sunday is a Worship & Healing Service

                        -  3rd & 4th Sundays are Contemporary Worship

                        -  5th Sunday is Traditional Worship


School Year Sunday School Schedule:
     Children - Pre-K through 5th Grades at 9:15a.m. in the Fellowship Hall

     Adult – 9:00 a.m. in the Adult Sunday School Room


Coffee, Cookies & Conversation Fellowship Time

     At 10:00 a.m. (Sunday School Classes will be dismissed in time to join                                       family for Fellowship Time)

 Information for our                                                           Special Congregational Meeting!

The Church Councils of both Faith and Grace are formed at “Parish Formation Task Force” to evaluate the possibility of forming a two-point parish VS the current contracted situation wherein Faith pays Grace for the provided pastoral services.  They arrived at the following agreement.

This agreement was approved by both Church Councils on September 13, 2017, now it has to be presented and voted on by both congregations… it will be presented and there will be a Question & Answer session during 10am Coffee Fellowship Time on Sept. 24th and will be voted on at a Special meeting on October 15th.

Grace and Faith Lutheran Parish Agreement

I.                 Preamble

In the belief that the advancement of the Kingdom of God can be attained through closer cooperation and through a joint ministry in the churches, we hereby set forth the plans and agreement for such a cooperative venture between Faith Lutheran of Evansville and Grace Lutheran of Brandon, both in Minnesota.

We are separate, independent congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  We believe that the church is more than our own congregation. We join hands with neighboring congregation(s) in order to support our common mission, but more because we are only one part of the body of Christ.  The parts are meant to fit together and work together to better witness to Christ's love and life-giving power for changed lives in our community, country, and world.

II.               Purpose

The purpose of the Agreement is to authorize a relationship between the following congregations: Faith Lutheran Church of Evansville, Minnesota and Grace Lutheran Church of Brandon, Minnesota 

III.              MISSION
The Mission of our area ministry is to provide a working relationship among our congregations in order that they may serve God as a caring community of believers.  Our purpose is to carry out this ministry as individual congregations and working in unison.  We strive to grow together in Christ through ministry and service by reaching out in God’s love to one another, our community and the world.

The name of this parish shall be: Grace through Faith Ministries


Each congregation shall maintain its own identity as it now exists and will retain its individual Congregational councils.  Each council will be accountable with the Northwest Minnesota Synod and ELCA.  As such, each congregation is solely responsible to denominational reporting and Synod events, and Funding of expenses necessary to attend such functions. 

VI.                WORSHIP

a.      Each congregation will retain its own order of worship.

b.      There will be one service per Sunday at each congregation, unless a joint worship service is scheduled and agreed upon by the Church Councils.

c.      Occasional worship services such as Advent, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Lent, and/or Easter shall be established to accommodate the needs of the congregations and agreed upon by the Church Councils.

d.      Special services such as weddings and funerals will be coordinated to meet the needs of the congregations and the availability of clergy to officiate. 

VII.                 MINISTRY STAFFING

a.      Pastors: Any pastor called to serve the ministry shall be on the active clergy/lay roster of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America or on the clergy/lay roster of a denomination the ELCA is in full communion with subject to approval of the Northwestern Minnesota Synod Office.

b.      Shared staff will be approved by the Parish Council.  


Both Faith Lutheran and Grace Lutheran Councils will explore avenues to strengthen and enhance education: Sunday school, Youth Programs, Adult Education, Bible Study, Confirmation, and VBS if both are financially obligated.

The Parish Call Committee shall consist of equal numbers of members (3 to 4) appointed from each congregation to initiate and act upon a Call.  The Parish Call Committee shall be responsible for all actions normally expected of a Call Committee, in consultation with the Synod office.  The committee shall, by a simple majority, select call candidates for the referral to the member congregations for final acceptance.  To accept a candidate for call, each congregation shall decide by 2/3rds majority for the candidate on a basis of one vote for each member present and voting at a congregational meeting duly called for such purpose.  All congregations of the Parish must vote on the same day.  All congregations must vote before any results of other voting is disclosed.  All congregations must approve the candidate in order for the Parish Council to extend a Call to the candidate.

X.               PARISH COUNCIL

 The Parish Council will affirm decisions made by the congregational councils or congregations. The Parish Council does not have the power to move forward with any decisions without approval of each individual congregation or congregational councils. The purpose of the Parish Council is to implement the mission of the parish.

a.      Membership

                                                    i.     The Parish Council shall consist of three (3) members from each congregation.

                                                   ii.     Each Congregation Council shall be responsible for appointing their respective Parish Council members annually.

                                                  iii.     The Parish Council shall meet a minimum of four (4) times per year (typically in January, April, September and November) prior to the joint Congregation Council meeting of that month and/or as deemed necessary by the joint councils. 

                                                  iv.     A quorum of the Parish Council shall constitute two thirds of Parish Council Members.  All votes require a simple majority to pass, unless otherwise specified in this Agreement. 

b.      Scope of Responsibility

                                                    i.     Identify leadership needs of the Parish and the equitable sharing of the clergy’s and other staff’s time.

                                                   ii.     Periodically review the terms of the Letter of Call and the Parish expectations of the called clergy.

                                                  iii.     Periodically review the Parish expectations of the Parish staff.

                                                  iv.     Provide support and advocate for Parish clergy and staff.

                                                   v.     Review clergy housing annually to insure suitability.

                                                  vi.     Review and provide a proposed annual Parish budget to each congregation by November 1st each year.

                                                vii.     Consider the development of committees such as Parish Staff Committee that could serve as a confidential staff support ministry for the Parish Staff and parish members.

                                               viii.     Explore and develop possibilities for mutual ministry possibilities between the congregations of the Parish and other ecumenical congregations (e.g. Confirmation, Youth, Evangelism, Bible Study, Service Projects, Men’s Ministry, and Women’s Ministry). 


a.      The Parish Council shall elect from amongst the Parish Council Members three officers:

                                                    i.     President

                                                   ii.     Vice President

                                                  iii.     Secretary

b.      The duties and responsibilities of the Officers shall be:

                                                    i.     The President shall preside at meetings of the Parish Council.  The President shall have equal vote to other Parish Council Members.

                                                   ii.     The Vice-President shall preside at meetings of the Parish Council in the absence of the President.

                                                  iii.     The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the Parish Council meetings and shall have custody of the archives of the Parish.

c.      The Parish Council shall appoint a Parish Treasurer who shall have custody of the funds of the Parish and shall receive and distribute funds in accordance with the decisions of the Parish Council.  The Treasurer shall maintain records of all contributions and distributions from the member congregations and make regular reports to the Parish Council and to the member congregations as required by the Parish Council. 


a.      Each congregation will remain solely responsible for its operating budget, benevolence, and building maintenance.

b.      Each congregation shall contribute equally to funding the Parish expenses. This proportion shall be reviewed annually by the Parish Council.  Any change shall become effective with the commencement of the following fiscal year of the Parish.

c.      Other outside congregation(s) may contract for services from the parish.  The contract fee shall be payable to the Parish and deducted from the total expenses of the Parish before determining proportional congregational shares.

d.      A Contingency Fund may be established and administered by the Parish Council.

e.      To facilitate annual congregational budget planning, the Parish shall use a calendar year for its recordkeeping and financial reporting. 

       I.          PARSONAGE

a.      All congregational parsonages are the sole responsibility of the owning congregation.

b.      Any parsonage used for the purpose of the Parish shall be maintained to a suitable standard of living condition.

c.      Parish use of any parsonage shall be governed by a rental contract between the owning congregation and the Parish.

d.      Rental cost, as established in the Rental Agreement with the Parish, shall become part of the Parish expenses.

e.      The incoming pastor shall decide which of the available parsonages to use, if any.

XIII.          Offering

a.      Envelopes: Each congregation shall continue to use its own.

b.      Joint ministry worship services shall designate loose offering to a designated charity, while envelopes/designated checks go to their designated church. 

XIV.          Length of Agreement

This Parish relationship will begin immediately upon approval, and will be reviewed by the Parish Council before December 31st of the third year. It can be altered only by mutual agreement of all congregations, together with the approval of the Northwestern Minnesota Synod of the ELCA. 

a.      Congregations wishing to join the Grace through Faith Ministries Parish shall make application to the Parish Council and notify the Northwestern Minnesota Synod of its desire to join.  Approval of a new congregation will require a two-thirds majority vote of Grace Lutheran and Faith Lutheran congregations.

b.      Congregations joining the Grace through Faith Ministries Parish agree to share in the financial support of its shared ministry, according to the established rules, except when otherwise agreed to by the Parish Council.

c.      A congregation wishing to withdraw from the Parish shall require a two-thirds vote of the congregations, and shall give a one year notice prior to withdrawing.

d.      A congregation wishing to withdraw shall also notify the Synod of its intent and seek the counsel of the Synod. 

XV.             Adopting Resolutions

a.      The Parish Council may adopt continuing resolutions. No continuing resolution may conflict with the Grace through Faith Ministries Parish agreement.

b.      These continuing resolutions may be adopted or amended at any legally called meeting of the Parish Council with a quorum present by a unanimous vote.

XVI.          Parish Records

The ministerial records of the individual congregations shall be and remain the property of the congregations. 


Grace Lutheran Church Officer _______________________________         Date __________________

Faith Lutheran Church Officer _______________________________           Date __________________


                 It is Picture Directory Time…

Hey, get back here!  Don’t skip reading this!!!


        It has been almost 6 years since the last time our smiles were captured and put in a directory and due to a poor time of year when it was done last time there was a pretty poor turn out for what was supposed to be a BIG help for a new pastor.  OUCH!  We can do much better! 

A new directory will really be a big help for our future pastor to put names with faces.  I’m not real good at describing people.

There is no cost to Faith Lutheran and no sitting fee for your family (which if you went to a studio would cost you $175 to $300+).  You will receive a complimentary 8X10 Studio Quality Portrait and a directory free just for participating.  In one trip, you will be photographed, choose your directory pose and have the opportunity to purchase additional portraits and greeting cards. (at this time of year they have a good deal on Christmas cards). 

There are a bunch of discounts too.  $10 for showing up; $5 “Feed the Need” coupon if you bring a food shelf item with you on picture day; and a 20% Senior Discount if you are over 60.

You can bring props or pets with you. You can bring extended family in for additional family pictures! 

If you can’t possibly be here to get pictured or have loved ones that are in a Care Facility...take a picture of them or yourself with your smart phone and email it to faithlc@gctel.com to be included in the directory.

  Photography dates are: October 18 through the 21st.

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, October 18-20th, from 2pm to 9pm

Saturday, October 21st are from 10:00am to 4:00pm

For your convenience you can sign up two different ways:

1. before or after Worship on Sunday mornings at Faith

starting Sept. 10th     OR

2.  on-line - click on this link below to sign up online. 


If you sign-up at Faith BRING YOUR CALENDAR with you!!!

                                                    ***If anyone can help with sign-ins on the picture days, please let me know or                        sign-up in the Narthex.            Thanks, Debbie  J


We find joy, support, and fellowship being with one another.

We are a family; we are a faith community! We are Faith Lutheran Church, an ELCA Lutheran Christian body that has been called by God in order to love and support each other, as well as our surrounding community through acts of love and service. We are a family because we recognize that, through the gift of Holy Baptism, we are all beloved children of God; we are all members of God's family through Jesus Christ. Therefore, we all love and support each other through worship, prayer, conversation, visitation, acts of service, and fellowship activities.

We are a faith community because we recognize that God has a purpose and a mission for us in our community and in the world. Right now we are in a time of renewal as we take time to discern how God is calling us to do mission and ministry in our context. We are excited for the opportunities that the Holy Spirit is opening for us!

We are a Spirit-filled community who gathers together on Sunday mornings to be centered in worship. We have many different worship opportunities that we provide each month. We worship in order to be renewed and transformed by the power of Christ's love that is proclaimed through confession and forgiveness, congregational song, the Word proclaimed in scripture and preaching, and through the feast of love at the Lord's table.

Come join us in our faith journey, let us together continue to trust in grace and renewal and reflect the love that God has shone upon us.


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